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Senior Data Scientist
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Full Time
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Why you should consider joining Eyepax
  • You will earn Technical & Non-Technical Transferable Skills while working on global standard challenging atmosphere.
  • You will be given opportunity to work directly with international clients to gain global experience and exposure.
  • Coaching is our key strength. You will be coached progressively to unlock your unlimited potential by yourself and be the real you.
  • Do you want to ride with disruptive innovation? Our R&D team is continuously exploring IOT, Machine Learning, Blockchains, AR and many more.
  • It’s not all about work. We want you to be healthy and enjoy the life. Hope you would like our Roof Top Gym, Yoga, Futsal, Cycling, Play Pool and you can suggest the next.


  • Liaising with and reporting directly into the client executive teams.
  • Will be directly working with the chief data hustler and main go-to person for all data science related questions of client organization, who will be responsible for setting up data structures in all client organizations.
  • Full-time role where the focus will be divided equally between data projects for two different client organizations.
  • Strong communication skills and hands-on experience in handling data-related activities
  • Experience in Data Analysis and Machine Learning (5-6 years in a similar role)
  • Fluent in scripting languages like Python or R (preferably Python)
  • Experience in SQL (MySQL)
  • Looking forward to solving data-related problems and puzzles
  • Being able to find insights in data without knowing what is to look for
  • Being ready to deliver the entire project from beginning to end: performing descriptive analysis, data cleaning and transformation, generating hypotheses, testing them, training a model, building it into production
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Need to have a background in Statistics/Mathematics/Engineering/Econometrics or other quant field and at least 3 years experience with the following tools/languages SQL: (e.g. tsql, PostgreSQL, HiveQL, MySQL, etc.), General Programming Language: Python, R, Bash
  • Data Wrangling, Cleaning and Scraping: Knows how to access APIs and handle different kinds of data formats (JSON, XML, CSV) - requests, pandas, numpy, BeautifulSoup, or equivalent R packages
  • Statistical Modelling: Time Series Forecasting, Regression - statsmodels
  • Machine Learning: Random Forest, K-means, GBM - scikit-learn or equivalent R packages
  • Dashboard Tools: Google Sheets, Excel, Data Studio, Tableau
  • There would be an added advantage for candidates with prior experience in below technologies
  • Data Engineering: CRON, Airflow, Cloud Tech: AWS (ec2, lambda, s3), Digital Marketing Metrics: Google Analytics API, Deep Learning: Structured Data, Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing - PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras
  • About Employer
    Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. provides comprehensive solutions based on digital technologies. By designing, creating and implementing cost effective turnkey solutions, the company helps its international clients increase productivity, maximize profits and yield high degrees of competitive advantage. The company head quarters is in Colombo Sri Lanka; where it maintains a state of the art production facility. Eyepax further has branch offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Los Angeles, USA. The company currently services over 250 clients in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Public sector clients include Swedish National Transport (SJ), Swedish National TV and Radio. Private sector clients include IBM, Roche and the world’s largest travel company, Expedia.

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